The Art of Knitted Ties

Knitted ties have had a major influence on the style and substance of the men’s formal wear. For many years, they were mainly worn as outerwear or as an evening accessory. However, recently there has been a real revival of interest in knitted ties, particularly among the younger generation who tend to dress in more retro styles. This has also resulted in more sophisticated designs being introduced to the market by manufacturers who previously had limited options.

The first knitted tie was made in the late 19th century in America – the so-called ‘Furman Knitted ties’. The name was due to the fact that the material used was knitted wool, which was imported. It was designed by an enterprising tailor who was keen to sell the knitted ties for his services. He created a variety of them based on different patterns and colors and even wrote some books on the subject! His first attempts soon earned him a reputation and as the decades passed more people started to experiment with knitted ties and to produce their own designs.

There are several types of knitted tie. They can be categorized according to the fabric that is used to make them, the pattern that they’re made of, their color and even the type of knot used to tie them. Today, knitted ties are used in formal affairs and in the workplace as well. They’re elegant and classy and can be used not only to add a touch of sophistication but also to create a certain degree of informal professionalism – just what many corporate firms are looking for!

However, one thing that you need to remember when choosing one of these ties is to be very clear about what exactly you’re looking for. Remember, a knitted tie is not a simple V-neck. It should be in keeping with the type of suit that you’re wearing, the kind of job that you have and also the kind of tie design that you prefer. In other words, you need to know your own preferences in order to find a tie design that suits you perfectly. Visit this website for more details about ties:

So the first criteria that you need to keep in mind when it comes to knitted ties are the fabric that they’re made of and their color. As far as fabrics go, your best bet would be silk or cotton blend. While wool knitted tie will never go out of style, a cotton blend will look nice on most people. You can also opt for a brighter color, although darker colored ties tend to look better with more formal attire. Of course, the brighter the tie, the more bling it’ll contain.

The second criterion that you need to look at closely is the pattern used to design the knitted tie. As far as patterns go, you need to stick to designs that match your suit, your shoes and your belt. Remember that it’s not necessarily a good thing if your knitted tie design is all over the place. It will just look messy and like an accident. With this in mind, make sure that the pattern of the knitted tie complements your overall outfit. Check out this related post to get more enlightened on the topic:

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